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Willow McCarthy is an American child actress who played the role of Matilda Wormwood in Matilda: the Musical. Willow was the final Broadway Matilda.



  • Matilda as Matilda
  • 1984 as Child


  • Willow is the daughter of well-known actor, director, and author, Andrew McCarthy.
  • Willow is best friends with Theodora Silverman who played Ivanka in Once. The two attend camp together.
  • Matilda was Willow's professional acting debut.
  • During her run, Willow shared the title role with Ava Briglia, Aviva Winick and Tori Feinstein
  • Willow is the last Matilda to debut in the original Broadway production.
  • Willow performs in a full British accent as Matilda instead of the partial accent used by other American Matildas.
  • Willow is friends with Lily Brooks O'Briant who played Matilda on the national tour.
  • Willow has two brothers, Sam and Rowan.
  • Willow played Matilda in the final performance of the Broadway production.