Lara McDonnell

Lara McDonnell (born November 7, 2003) is an Irish child actress who played Matilda in Matilda, West End between 17th March 2015 and 19th March 2016.


West End

  • Matilda as Matilda


  • Joseph as Children's choir member


  • Love, Rosie as Young Rosie Dunne
  • “Artemis Fowl “as Captain Holly Short


  • On December 22rd 2016, Lara served as emergency cover for the role of Matilda on the 22nd December 2016 when a significant portion of the cast, including all four then-current Matildas, fell ill to an unknown illness.
    • She holds the distinction of being one of the only former Matildas to perform such an emergency cover, along with Emily-May Stephenson.
  • Lara is from Dublin, Ireland and is the first ever Irish Matilda.
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