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Miss Jennifer Honey with Matilda Wormwood

Miss Jennifer Honey is Matilda Wormwood's teacher. She's very kind and caring. Miss Honey is the only adult in Matilda's life that ever showed love for her. In the Acrobat Tour she is portrayed by Disney Channel actress Lauren Taylor from Best Friends Whenever. 

Miss Honey's Early Years

Throughout the musical 'Matilda', Matilda Wormwood tells a story she made up in her head. Well, a story she thought she made up in her head. In reality, it was the story of Miss Jennifer honey and her parents. Her father is an escapologist and her mother is an acrobat. The two previously worked at two seperate circuses but fell in love with each other. One day, it was announced that the two circuses would be combined for one night only and the acrobat and escapologist would perform an act together. The act was a big success and the two stayed in one circus, got married and had Jennifer as their daughter. Unfortunately, Jennifer was bullied a lot, making her unsure of herself.

Songs She Sings


  • Pathetic
  • This Little Girl
  • My House

Group songs


West End

  • Lauren Ward (Stratford and Original)
  • Haley Flaherty
  • Lara Denning (understudy and temporarily)
  • Miria Parvin
  • Gina Beck (Current)
  • Carly Thoms (From March 2020)