Chloe Charlotte Hawthorn (born August 17, 2002) is a British child actress who played Matilda in the West End.


West End 

  • The Wizard of Oz as Ripp 
  • Matilda the Musical as Matilda


  • The BFG as Sophie (Birmingham Repertory Theatre, West Midlands)  


Chloe Hawthorne

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Chloe Hawthorne 1

Chloe's earliest headshot

  • Chloe's first performance was August 22, 2012 and her last performance was September 1, 2013 as for many of the 2012-13 cast.
  • Chloe had 3 public performances; 2012 Royal Variety, 2013 at Puffin for Roald Dahl day, and 2013 Olivier Awards
  • Chloe is featured in the Matilda trailer (West End)
  • During her run she shared her role with Hayley Canham, Lucy-Mae Beacock, Lara Wollington, Elise Blake and Cristina Fray
  • She lives in Essex and is in Year 16.  
  • Chloe made her West End debut aged 8 in The Wizard of Oz.  
  • Chloe is a member of the Spirit Young Performers Company, former Matilda's Lara Wollington, Lottie Sicilia, Anna-Louise Knight, Lizzie Wells and Emily-May Stephenson train here too
  • Chloe performed in West End Live 2016 with Spirit Young Performers.
  • Chloe is an only child.
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