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Isobelle Molloy as Amanda

Amanda Thripp is a character in Matilda the Musical, and a student at Crunchem Hall Academy.


Amanda appears in the songs: 

  • "Miracle"
  • "School Song"
  • "The Hammer"
  • "Bruce"
  • "When I Grow Up"
  • "The Smell of Rebellion"
  • "Revolting Children" 
  • "When I Grow Up (Reprise)" 

She has long pigtails and this annoys Miss Trunchbull.

Performance at Crunchem Hall (Paper Airplane)

On Amanda's End of Year School Report Card paper airplane, it shows that she was a poor student who puts very little effort in her school work. (Fs (Fair Grade or D) at best; Ps (Poor Grade or F) at worst.

Another reason for her poor grades is that she has a low attendance record; She has missed a total of 76 school days, probably to avoid Miss Trunchbull's wrath towards her pigtails.

According to Miss Trunchbull and the Class Teacher (known as "A Pedant"), Amanda is seen as a trouble-maker; She has had a few instances of cheating on exams, passing notes, playing cards and being disrespectful towards teachers.

Class Teacher:

"A wicked child; a pernicious influence on other pupils. Very poor standards of work, confirmed by atrocious examination marks. "A "myth" is NOT a female moth" (example of an answer). ~A Pedant

Head Teacher:

"This is a shocking end of year report. This child is not responsive to punishment or admonition. I shall be watching her closely next term and she should be warned that I will not relent." ~ A. Trunchbull. 



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